Swisse is one of the biggest inventors in the area of scientifically validated natural medicines.  The company's philosophies are based on a fine balance of three key principles. Firstly, meeting consumers' needs, and empowering them with essential knowledge and products vital for health and happiness. Secondly, doing this in a way that complies with our societal responsibilities and environmental preservation. Thirdly, rewarding team members and business partners who uphold benchmark principles and deliver benchmark standards. These are the factors behind Swisse's success. 




Part of the wider Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts Tourism Tasmania is the Tasmanian Government’s tourism organisation, responsible for leading the industry in delivering marketing and development programs designed to build demand for travel to the island. Tasmania has a growing reputation as a thriving adventure and wilderness hub, a destination rich in heritage and cutting edge modern architecture, culture and art, and a place for luxury retreats and world-class accommodation. Our food and beverages are rated second to none in the world. Tourism Tasmania links government and the private sector in marketing Tasmania’s unique assets.  For further information on travelling to Tasmania visit 


Pure Tasmania gathers together the most exciting holiday destinations, travel experiences and unique accommodation in Tasmania, Australia.Immerse yourself in the Pure Tasmania experience; savour long days exploring the beaches and mountains; rainforests and historic landmarks; indulge in our finest food and wine; and return home feeling refreshed, uplifted, and, above all, moved and inspired.





Qantas is one of the strongest brands in Australia and is widely regarded as the world’s leading long distance airline with a reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering and maintenance and customer service.
As a proud Australian brand, we are delighted to have Mark Webber as a Qantas Ambassador and support Mark both on and off the track.
We are delighted to extend our successful partnership with Mark to include sponsorship of the 2012 Swisse Mark Webber Challenge. We’re right behind Team Qantas Singapore and wish our team the very best of luck in the 2012 event.

While the world of Red Bull is synonymous with extreme sports, Red Bull has long been the energy drink of choice for high performance athletes in a range of fields. From triathlete Courtney Atkinson and Formula One driver Mark Webber, to world class athletes who run marathons, surf big waves, kick goals and throw javelins, Red Bull is a functional energy drink, specially developed for those who want to be physically and mentally at their peak.

Red Bull is proud to be a major partner of the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge in 2012 and looks forward to giving all the participating athletes the energy to 'give them wiiings'! 



Rexona for Men has a long history of supporting Australia’s athletes and is proud to now be supporting the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge. This incredible event requires participants to be the ultimate competitor to succeed and navigate the toughest of Tasmanian terrain during the challenge and Rexona for Men will be there to provide them with the powerful protection they will need for as long as they need it.  Mark’s commitment to keeping fit and constantly pushing the boundaries of his sport and himself moved Rexona  to committing support to the event and its impact on not only its participants but the charitable causes the event supports. 




2XU ("Two Times You") was launched in January 2005, and is driven by a relentless company mission to advance human performance through the development of world-leading athletic garments.  In its first year, 2XU graced the skin of multiple World Champion athletes and has since formed powerful alliances and key partnerships with World Champions across the globe in numerous sports including Triathlon, Cycling, Swimming, Netball, AFL, Soccer, NRL, NFL andAdventure Racing.  2XU is also the exclusive Official Compression Supplier to the Australian Institute of Sport. 

Founded and based in Melbourne, Australia; 2XU is fast becoming the most technical sports brand in the world.  Designed and tested in consultation with industry experts, all garments employ intelligent physiological design, cutting edge performance fabrics and construction.  The premium Australian brand is proud to be Official Apparel Supplier to the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge in 2012!



After a successful partnership in the 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012 MWC'sEuropcar is again proud to be the preferred vehicle supplier and sponsor of the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge in 2012.

Europcar has a strong presence within Tasmania and has a proud history of supporting local events and charities within the State. This coupled with Europcar being an industry leader in reducing carbon emissions and environmental footprint, makes the partnership with the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge in the pristine Tasmanian wilderness the perfect fit.

Europcar offers a reliable service at competitive rates, with over 100 locations across Australia including major airports, capital cities and many suburbs and regional locations. With such a large network, and great fleet range, it's easy to find car hire in Australia to suit your needs. Included in this network are 9 locations with in Tasmania. So whether you are after an economy vehicle to buzz around town, a large family sedan or wagon, minibus or 4WD to follow the Challenge, Europcar has all your needs covered.

Click here for quotes and bookings: http://www.europcar.com.au

On behalf of Europcar we wish Mark, the Octagon crew, the volunteers and all the competitors the best of luck in what is sure to be an unforgettable event for everyone.


Caltex is Australia's leading transport fuel supplier and convenience retailer and the only integrated oil refining and marketing company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Our business value chain incorporates operational excellence throughout supply, refining, logistics and marketing


Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, a division of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, is responsible for managing around 37% of Tasmania’s land mass as parks and reserves, including the internationally renowned Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Its work includes providing opportunities for sustainable use and economic activities while conserving the natural and cultural values that attract visitors to the parks and reserves in the first place.

The Parks and Wildlife Service website offers information on some of the features of these special places, but there’s no substitute for getting out there and seeing for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. To find out more visit: