Elite Pairs


Competitors: Richard Ussher and Braden Currie 

One is skinny and Fast the other rather….err….slightly slower and "powerful" AKA Chicken Legs and the Kung Fu Panda.

Out for some revenge in the Challenge after foul play saw them laid low with gastro in 2012, there ready to take on the Aussie's, and anyone else who is keen to challenge for the title.



Team Pure Tasmania 

Competitors: Alex Hunt and Mark Hinder
Sponsor: Pure Tasmania

These two Tasmanians are looking for their third consecutive placing in the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge in 2013. Having placed first in 2011 and third in 2012 elite category the boys will be applying the pressure to rivals Team Tasmania and Team Swisse to move their way up in the rankings this year.  Both accomplished athletes in their own right, Mark and Alex will be juggling work, families and new babies in the lead up to the event this year while fitting in as many races as they can to prepare for themselves for the five days of competition.

Team Red Bull 

Competitors: Ken Wallace and Courtney Atkinson 

Dual Olympians Ken Wallace (Gold Medallist Kayaking) and Courtney Atkinson (Triathlon) are Team Red Bull in 2013. What they may lack the pure adventure racing experience is more than made up for in specific disciplines in Olympic athlete calibre speed and endurance.


Team Swisse Active

Competitors:Jarad Kohlar and James Pretto
Sponsor: Swisse

Jarad mentored James Pretto for many years through his coaching and training company, Peak Adventure. The kid has got great skills and talent, and he now tows me up the hills! James says teaming up with Jarad to take on the Challenge for a second year was a given, they have been training and racing together for the past 3 years and have had some great results. Jarad been a great mentor and has given James opportunities that he feels he would have not received without him. 

Team Outer Limits

Competitors: Mitch Evans and Samuel Stedman

Teaming up with Sam is going to be a big benefit for me, he has a lot of experience and even though I haven’t met him in person I’m really looking forward to teaming up with him. The biggest thing I want to get out of the SMWTC is to test my limits and to become stronger to push myself. I maybe out of my depth being in the Elite category but I will give it my best. Can’t wait! 




Competitors: Peter Williams and Brett Parkin
Sponsor: RACT, RACT Insurance and Tilford Auto Group

Regular training partners who have competed alongside each other as individuals in numerous local races over a number of years but have never teamed up together in a race. So when the suggestion to race together in the Webber Challenge came up we both jumped at the opportunity. 



Team Rexona

Competitors: Guy Andrews and Ben Allen
Sponsor: Rexona

The tale of two athletes; Guy Andrews, Aussie stuntman, Ironman champion and SMWTC veteran. Ben Allen, Aussie off-road triathlete and SMWTC rookie. These two are ready to smell sweet success!



Team Europcar Tasmania 

Competitors: Alex Spinks and Phil Sargent
Sponsor: Europcar

This year Alex and Phil will pull on the green jerseys to represent Team Europcar Tasmania.  Both are born and breed Taswegians who love getting amongst it in the adventure playground of the island state.

Both have competed in previous Mark Webber Challenges – Alex (2007) and Phil (2008, 2011, 2012).  Although certainly not Elite athletes, they have entered the Elite category not to win but to challenge themselves against the best and are taking the 'Steven Bradbury' approach into the race.

Enthusiast Pairs

Team Macks Advisory

Competitors: Denis Perry and Nicholas White

This will be Denis's 3rd Challenge and Nick's 1st, we have teamed up for a few 1 day events this year, we are really looking forward to challenging ourselves and pushing our bodies to the limits, and to see what the week has to offer.




Team Swanston

Competitors: Hiro Nakata and Kim Beckinsale

Team Swanston will meet for the first time at this year’s event.  They will be hoping to get through the event and enjoy the scenery along the way.  Kim will be guiding Hiro through all the hoops that the race presents to them and no doubt they will end up good friends at the finish!



Team Backcountry Adventure Addicts

Competitors: David Leggo and Jarrod Mitchell 

After having the time of our lives at the Webber Challenge 2012, the Back Country Adventure Addicts are back to have another go again in 2013. With another year of training and a few extra races under the belts you would normally expect better things in 2013 …… or maybe not. Training time has been hard to come by, injuries and illness have hampered preparation, new houses have been bought and old ones renovated, new jobs have been commenced, families have been extended ...... it’s been a busy year for the Back Country Adventure Addicts, but with a solid month of training time still available you can bet we will be giving it a good crack again anyway!

Team Die Hard

Competitors: Nicholas Lynch and Jason Bleasby

Jason and Nick have been mates for years, first meeting at High School then re-connecting again about 6 years ago when their kids started doing Nippers together, so the adults started Masters which lead to Ice Bergers which has eventually lead them to taking on the Mark Webber Challenge. 

They are 12 months in the making, not hear to break records but sure are die hards!



Team Xtech

Competitors: Tim Robinson and Dean Hemburrow
Sponsor: Xtech

This is the 5th year for Team Xtech racing the Mark Webber Challenge, and once again we will front up with not enough training, but the knowledge of just how enjoyable and exhilarating the race is.  Whilst I ride past many Telstra mobile 4G facilities that we have designed and built, my work is not far away even though I might be in the bush.  Our goal is to race hard but also just enjoy the week for everything that it offers.  We are looking forward to catching up with past competitors again, enjoying the spectacular course, and having some laughs at the end. 


Team Hamilton Island Adventure

Competitors: James Jeffress and Luke Jones 
Sponsor: Hamilton Island 

Once again making an appearance for Hamilton Island Adventure Team in the 2013 Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge is James Jeffress and Luke Jones! Now with plenty of adventure racing experience under their belt, the team is ready and able to push their bodies to the limit and improve on their position from last year's Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge.


Team Europcar Victoria 

Competitors: Scott Allen and Glen Christensen
Sponsor: Europcar

Back in 2013 after their first successful pairing in 2012 Scott Allen and Glen Christensen of Team Europcar VIC are aiming for a stronger result this year across all disciplines.  ‘We did not kill each other last year but we did try and can only improve on our 2012 result so here we are back in 2013!’



Team Northern Respiratory Roadies

Competitors:  Su and Jeff Pretto
Sponsor: Northern Respiratory Group Inc

Su and Jeff have been participating in one to two day adventure racing and off-road events for around 7 years and have decided to take the plunge into the SMWTC for the first time in 2013. This will be their longest event yet and the primary aim is to enjoy the challenge and camaraderie that adventure racing offers and hopefully to take some time to enjoy the spectacular scenery on route. We also aim to complete the 5 days in an upright position without having strangled each other in the process.

Team Ezy Air GreenCape

Competitors: Ben Chan and Marc Hester
Sponsor:Ezy Air andGreenCape Capital 

Both of us work in the investment industry but have a keen interest in outdoor sports. Objective is to beat the team of Gray/Gilderdale in every discipline.




Team Loggerhead

Competitors:  Christopher Hirst and Bob Stanley

The Loggerheads come to the Mark Webber Challenge having originally tempered their adventure racing skills in the deserts of Abu Dhabi during the Adventure Race of 2010. Together we form a team of enthusiastic adventure racers drawn to the idea of getting out in beautiful environments around the world and pitting our resolve and endurance against the elements and the other teams.



Team Running Away

Competitors:  Justin Gray and Rob Gilderdale

Friends for 10+ years. Studied at university together.




Team Quad Octo

Competitors: David Moffatt and Lindy Shelmerdine

Lindy and David are excited to return to the 2013 challenge having achieved a podium finish in the enthusiasts category in 2011. Both keen road cyclists, they met in 2009 at a charity bike ride. Lindy has completed many multi-day bike tours in France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Australia. David is a veteran of the 2003 inaugural Webber Challenge and was also been involved in the 2007, 2009 and 2010 editions of the event. David has successfully Kayaked across Bass Strait and Torres Strait and has traversed the Kokoda Track in 2 days



Team CMAS (Construct Medical and Safety) arrive at the MWC 2013 as a new combination from the Sunshine Coast, with a mix of experience and a love of the Tasmanian outdoors. Craig, an ex-elite triathlete, is seeing Tasmania for the first time without hiking equipment, whilst Luke is less athletically qualified but has participated on the MWC one way or another since 2008. They are anticipating a punishing schedule this year both on course and with extra travel demands, plus a variety of terrain and weather to add further spice. 



Team Peppers Seaport

Competitors: Roger Butorac and Reid Hooker
Sponsor: Peppers Seaport

Roger and Reid have teamed up for this year’s Mark Webber challenge and hope that their years of experience in a variety of sports will overcome any physical disadvantages related to their ages. Reid is a new comer to the Webber challenge however Roger competed in last year’s race.



Team Budget

Competitors: Nick Driessen and Gus Fiuza
Sponsor: Budget Rent a Car

Team Budget Rent a Car Tasmania consisting of Nick and Gus who started racing together only a few months ago teaming up in both local multi-sport races as well as Geo Quest 2013.   Our aim is to race hard and get through the challenge as quickly as possible whilst having a blast along the way. Having previous experience in the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge and with plenty of other races under our belts we hope to cut down on the navigational errors and give it 100% right to the finish line.


Team B&T

Competitors: Lucy Clark and Dominic Collie
Sponsor: B&T

We’re keen triathletes, aiming to complete our first multi-day adventure race as a media team in the name of B&T. B&T is a media / marketing / advertising publication and will be reporting on the race from a brand and sponsorship perspective. 



Team Lonely Planet

Competitors: Georgina Leslie and David Gorvett

With the Lonely Planet Tasmania guidebook consistently listed high on the bestsellers list  and The Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge recently featured in Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Adventures, Lonely Planet staff members Georgie and David couldn’t turn down the opportunity to take part in the Webber Challenge themselves! Part of the Asia Pacific Sales and Marketing team by day, soon to be Adventure Racers Georgie and David are looking forward to exploring Tasmania by boat, bike and foot and sharing their experiences with travel (and adventure) lovers around the world via a blog on


Tri Adventure Noosa

Competitors: Jan Leverton and Erin Donaldson

Erin and Jan are locals on the Sunshine Coast.  They haven’t raced together as a team before, but are good friends and have mutual respect for each other.  They are hoping to have a lot of fun in Tasmania and enjoy all the beautiful places we go to in the event.  




Enthusiast Teams of Three

Team Spirit

Team Spirit 

Competitors: Layne Beachley, Nikki Fogden Moore, Emma Snowsill
Sponsor: Body Science 

What do a World Champion surfer, an Olympic Champion Triathlete and a Vitality Coach all have in common? They want to challenge themselves, show team spirit and inspire others to be their personal best.



Team Ingwe

Competitors: Alan bye, Dylan Webb and Alan Tordoir

What do you get when you team up three mining engineers, one from Bolivia, one from Zimbabwe and one from MacKay (QLD) ........, well we are not sure yet, ........ but we will find out at the MWC! As weekend warriors the MWC has been on the bucket list for all of us. We have no delusions of podium finishes but our goal is to race hard and enjoy every moment. A team of experienced enthusiasts who enjoy adventure racing as the best way to spend time outdoors.


Team Phoenix PM

Competitors:  Charles Irving, James Irving and Matt Robinson
Sponsor: Phoenix Project Management

James and Charles competed in the Challenge in 2012 and initially entered as a personal challenge as well as a fitness goal to motivate ourselves. We enjoyed the event greatly and are back this year with a new third team member.

Again we enjoy the support of Phoenix Project Management in 2013.


Team Caltex

Competitors:  Michael Ridley-Smith, Tristan Gerrish and Peter Jamieson
Sponsor: Caltex

Event sponsor Caltex Australia has entered the enthusiast teams category with Michael Ridley-Smith, Tristan Gerrish and Pete Jamieson.  Michael returns after and eventful and enjoyable 2012 Challenge and is joined by Tristan and PJ who are adventure race newcomers but fitness junkies in other disciplines (including Marlin fishing!).  Mike looks after Marketing Services at Caltex whilst Tristan is a Business Manager in the Caltex Direct sales team.  PJ is the commercial manager for Caltex partner Triple Eight racing.  Fitting in training presents interesting challenges for all of us and we are looking forward to arguing about who gets to sit out each leg. 

Team Taste Living

Competitors: Fernando Banales, Christian Padmore and Paul Cushing
Sponsor: Taste Living

Golfing, running, mountain biking buddies, collectively been looking for a great cause and challenge to pit our wits against. 3 highly motivated professionals looking to trade their office surroundings for the real Tasmanian!!







Team Swisse Wellness

Competitors: Amanda Boddie, William McWhirter and Leigh Small
Sponsor: Swisse

The Swisse Wellness team is excited to be a part of the 2013 Mark Webber Challenge. There will be a lot of sweat, possible tears and a whole heap of celebrating when the team crosses the finish line. Combined, this will be the biggest challenge they will every come across together!